UI Fail : “Download Collection” and Collection are  placed at opposite ends of Window on Google Fonts. Instead, they should have been placed close to each other as they are associated with each other.

300(Movie) Dialogue visualized using Kinetic Typography.

Mumbai Dabbawaalas : The Lunch Box Delivery Man

A Video created by me which highlights how efficient the Mumbai Dabbawaalas are.

Firefox Design Evolution : http://t.co/oRDGif6

Usability Problem : One can not distinguish between video and images while importing from a device in Picasa. Picasa shows a video icon once video is imported but before importing there is no such indication.

I recently looked at Firefox, Chrome and Safari Tabs, as I was curious how different browsers handle tabs. Here are some of the points which i noticed.


Firefox 4 and Chrome 10 have tabs on top of address bar and safari has tabs on bottom of address bar.


Firefox shows close button ( x ) on right end of  a tab. If more than 7-8 tabs (exact number varies with screen size) are open, Firefox will show close button on active tab only. 

Firefox also shows close button ( x ) on right end of a tab. Chrome will hide close button  when more than 15-20 tabs (Exact number varies with screen size) are open.  

Safari shows close button on left end of tab only when user moves mouse over a particular tab. 


Firefox shows Favicons for website and “A Blank Document Icon” as favicon for newly open tabs and for websites which doesn’t have a favicon.

Chrome shows favicons for websites, which has favicons and just display title for other websites. 

Safari doesn’t show favicons on tabs.


In Firefox, tab width decreases till a constants size after which tabs starts shifting and user can use arrow marks to browse through Tabs.

In Chrome, When user opens many tabs, tabs width decreases. Whenever user opens a new tab, with of all the tabs decrease.

Safari shows similar behavior as Firefox. In case of safari if user open lots of tabs he can look at all the tab by clicking on arrow icon on right end of tabs.

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After reading one of the answers on Quora, I came to know that Yahoo has released a new version for Yahoo Mail. 

Soon after upgrading Yahoo Mail to latest version, I tried to delete one of my folders.  Right clicking on folder showed me context menu with several options including Remove Folder.

Context menu which we get after right clicking a folder

I clicked on Remove Folder option and received a popup that said—

Only Empty Folders can be deleted. Please delete all the emails in the folder first

Why can’t Yahoo Mail provide users with an option of removing folder with mails in it. An options which will also remove mails in folder will save users time of selecting and deleting all the mails. I believe making such small changes can make user job easier,  thus improving user experience of system.

Side Note: Providing options of Emptying Spam and Trash folder in context menus of every folder doesn’t make sense.