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Recently I read an article which points out why User Centric Companies cannot make breakthrough innovation. I really wanted to write how article shows user centered approach in a wrong way, but I found another blog post by cooper which highlights all the points I wanted to make. Have a look at both the articles.

UPDATE: Another blog post was written by Alan Cooper on same topic. A must read!

After hearing a lot of good reviews of Office 2011, Yesterday I decided to download trial version from microsoft website. And here I encountered another blunder with forms. Just after selecting email address from list of my past email address, errors in yellow color appeared on screen. I never tried to submit form till this time.This is just one of the defective forms on web.

I use Firefox all the time, to browse hundreds of article everyday. I like to print long articles so that I can read them offline. While playing with print Dialog Box yesterday, I realized that Firefox 4 Beta Print Dialog Box can be improved.


First lets see current print feature in Firefox on Mac. If I want to print an article, I will click on Print option in file menu or press Command P which will open Print Dialog Box as shown in figure

When Print Dialog Box is open user cannot not scroll the page which he wants to print.


New Print Dialog box should allow people to scroll down and up on page they want to print. Making this small change will give people more control while printing.

I ♥ UX Design :)